About @17morae

I was not an enthusiastic Twitter early-adopter. In 2010, just four years after Twitter's launch, I watched the events of the Arab Spring unfold with a sense of bemusement: the media seemed to agree without reservation that Twitter was driving the bus, but nobody seemed able to explain exactly what that meant, much less what Twitter is actually for.

Years passed. Everybody took up tweeting, except me. Then, while pouring myself a cup of coffee one morning, I had an epiphany. The focus on text, the tight character limit, the hash tags... suddenly they all made sense! I raced to the nearest computer, signed up for a new Twitter account, and posted this:



To an engineer, haiku is the most perfect of literary forms. It is clearly-defined, sharply limited in scope, and wonderfully efficient. And now this: a haiku is the only kind of literature that is more or less guaranteed to fit, in its entirety, inside a single tweet... and still leave room for plenty of mentions and hashtags!

Eventually I wrote a good one, and I wanted it on a coffee cup. Then it occurred to me that you might want it on a coffee cup, and that you might like it accompanied by an attractive design. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the people who make coffee cups also make pillows, and scarves, and tote bags, and towels... 

So here we are. Feel free to poke around. If you find something you love, tell us about it!

– @17morae